No Pressure 

The State of Israel has always been a place that is relatively difficult to live in economically, security-wise and sometimes also socially.

In addition, 2020 did not make it any easier.

We suffered from the plague, taxes, unemployment, heat,

Lack of trust in the government raised its head, Which led the people to come out in demonstrations that faced severe violence from the authorities and attempts to try and stop them.


Government corruption took over and even the airport was closed so people who wanted to flee the country could not do so. 


The pressure comes from everywhere.

Sometimes, when the wheel fills with too much pressure, it explodes.

Just before that happens, People left everything behind and fled to the beach, just before it also closed.

"No Pressure" is an ongoing project, which started somewhere in 2017.

The process of working on the project also helps me personally to try and find my sanity.