Alone In Denmark

So, I found myself in a small town, an hour's drive from the city of Billund in Denmark.

At 15:30, everyone finishes their work. Naturally, as I know, it is customary in European cities to meet socially, drink and meet friends or co-workers after work hours. But here I felt that something is different. Most people simply entered their homes and locked themselves from the surroundings. Every once in a while a single person comes across me in the path around the distant lake. It seems that I am the only person looking for a company here.

As an Israeli, loneliness is not natural to me. In my country there is hardly a second without friends or family.  Everyone wants you to be happy with their happiness and everyone knows how to solve your problems.  Everyone is involved in your life, wanting to know how you spend time, with whom and how much it cost you. Suddenly I have to deal with my loneliness in an isolated country.

 I'm not used to taking landscapes, but this time I had no choice. I pulled out the camera and tried to convey my sense of alienation through the camera's viewfinder.